The Holy Roller Sherman Tank: London, ON

Holy Roller Sherman Tank

The Holy Roller is a 29-tonne Sherman tank that was used by the First Hussars (a unit of London, Ontario) during World War II.

Captain Neil ~ "The Holy Roller's Hero" ~ was responsible for this storied tank coming to Canada after the hostilities in Europe ended. It is currently kept at Victoria Park in London, Ontario and serves as a memorial tribute.

Dedicated to the First Hussars, the Holy Roller is thought to be the only tank from its regiment to complete the North-West Europe Campaign ~ from D-Day to VE Day. This is mentioned on a plaque that is mounted to the Holy Roller.

An article in the May 11, 2006 edition of the London Free Press provided details on the Holy Roller's journey to Canada, and the maintenance building at Wolseley Barracks that was named in honour of Captain Neil.

The Holy Roller also makes a brief appearance in the opening level of Activision and Treyarch's World War II game Call of Duty 3. It can be seen in the following video clip around the 10 second mark: View video »